WE could not be more excited than to announce that Battle Horse Knives, Dan Coppins, one of  the original owners of Blind Horse Knives and his daughter, Alicia McQuain are coming to Howes Knife Shop, LLC in the coming weeks!! We will again be able to offer very high quality Bushcraft style knives at affordable prices!! Extremely exciting!!!

We are extremely excited to have Battle Horse Knives in our shop! Dan Coppins, one of the original owners of Blind Horse Knives decided to break away from LT Wright, his partner at Blind Horse Knives and start his own company with his daughter, Alicia McQuain.
  They have set up shop in Cambridge, Ohio with family members and a tight knit group of employees. These knives are all made in house, done one at a time with all sheaths as well being one off's by Judy Coppins, Dan's wife. These are first class Bushcraft style knives and am extremely thrilled to have them back in our shop as we had them at one time while they were still Blind Horse Knives. There are many custom higher end fixed blades much more expensive that in my opinion will not stand up to the quality of knives Dan Coppins and his staff put out. These are by every definition a Bushcraft knife!!

This from the Battle Horse Knives Scroll-

We are a family owned business, if not by blood then by Christ. We have enjoyed serving our customers since 2007 by building high quality, handcrafted knives at a fair price. We are so sure you will love our knives that we back it with a lifetime repair, replace or refund policy. We would like to thank you for choosing Battle Horse Knives and we are honored to call you part of our family!

Battle Horse Knives